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How To Wrap A Present

So you have your tree up and now it's time to wrap up the gifts. Oh, joy! Wrapping gifts can be a bit of a challenge for some people.

Here Marissa demonstrates in this video and shows you each step clearly so that even the clutziest of us can follow along.

Text directions are included under the video, but it's easier to understand by actually seeing the process in the video.

After the video finish you will be able to see other videos on wrapping presents as well.

Wrap a gift that is in a box when possible, as that makes it easier. You'll need sharp scissors, tape and wrapping paper.

First you need to measure how much wrapping paper you need for the gift box. For the short side, just flip the box once and mark the paper slightly beyond that to make sure you have enough. For the long side, flip the box three times, and mark the paper slightly beyond that.
Use sharp scissors because that will cut the wrapping paper in one long movement without ripping the paper. Turn the box upside down and center it on the wrapping paper. Pull one side up and match the pattern as closely as possible at the seam. Tape one side to the box and bring the rest up and tape it to the previous piece.

Now do the ends. Marissa shows two different ways to handle the ends of the gift wrapping. The first way: place it seam down. Bring each side in, making a crease along top and bottom. Fold the bottom flap up and tape in place. Fold the top down and tape. The second way: Place the seam to the side. Bring a side in and make one crease at the bottom; bring the bottom up, make another crease on the side; flip the box, push that piece down, make a last crease, and fold that in. Tape it down.

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