Merry Christmas to you and your family. Welcome to my Christmas blog and enjoy your stay. Happy Holidays!

Good Old Fashion Christmas Cookies Recipe

This is just a good old fashion Christmas cookie recipe. You can use the little cut outs and decorate them to different little shapes like stars, Christmas stocking, Rudolph, Santa and Christmas trees. Put on sprinkles or icing for decoration. Put them in a basket or a tin and give them out as a gift. Tie a bow around your tin or stick one on. These two photos can give you ideas of how you can dress up your cookies even more.

Let The Magic Begin Poem by Bobbie Kimmel

It's almost Christmas once again.
It's about time for Santa's magic to begin.

The trees will be all aglow.

Verizon Wireless Christmas Ad - Jingle Bells / Our House

I love the Verizon Wireless Christmas Video Ads from the year 2010. Especially the Verizon Wireless Ad - Jingle Bells / Our House. Check out the videos below and let me know if you like them, too!

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Santa and the Three Bears

Two bear cubs want to meet Santa despite their mother telling them that Santa does not exist. With the help of the park ranger, their wish might come true!

Tis The Season For Volume

Do you know how many turkeys are eaten during the holiday season?

Below are a few interesting facts regarding the volume of turkeys eaten, cards sent, and much more.

Christmas Cards
Do you enjoy receiving cards in the mail?
How many do you think you get each season?

Hello Everyone! Its Almost Christmas In July

Wow, how time flies. It's been almost six months since my last post on Christmas Gifts From Bronzi blog. I hope everyone is do well.
I will be posting a couple of post on this blog because it's almost "Christmas In July". Your probably saying, "what is Christmas in July" mean when evryone is thinking about the beaches and the BBQ's.

Well, it's when the smart Christmas shoppers start to by now in July for their Christmas decorations and anything they can get now for Christmas.

It saves them money and time to get their stuff early. Plus you get the best selections of everything. It's not picked over and all of the batteries are fresh and are still in the packages. lol

Many places have their old merchandise mix with the new merchandise and they want to get rid of the old merchandise to make room for the new merchandise, too! If there is still merchandise left from last year, then the merchants will have it on clearance. 

You have to be quick though because the clearance prices will go back to the regular price as it gets closer to Christmas.

Well, this was a quick lesson on for 'Christmas In July' and what you need to start doing as soon as July first hits and that is, Start Your Shopping List Now!

And of course I wanted to say, "Hello Again"!

We'll talk soon! 


P.S. Come by and have a cup of coffee at The Coffee Lovers Corner 

Photo By myeralan

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Christmas Traditions, Then and Now

Author: Eztracks
The Birth of Christmas Traditions

Throughout history, Christmas has been celebrated by different cultures in diverse ways. In ancient Babylon and Egypt, there were mid-winter festivals that honored the ancient gods. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to Saturn, the god of peace and plenty. During this festival, which ran from December 17th to December 24th, public gathering places were decorated with flowers and gifts and candies were exchanged amongst slaves and masters. In Scandinavia, a period of celebration known as Yule was held each winter at the end of the growing season. During this time, the population feasted on the summer's bounty. The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants as symbols of fertility and contributed celebrations revolving around the decoration of homes with mistletoe and holly. New Christmas customs appeared in the Middle Ages. The most prominent of these was the carol. By the 14th Century, such Christmas songs had become associated with the religious observance of the birth of Christ. In Italy, a tradition developed of re-enacting the birth of Christ and the construction of nativity scenes. The tradition of celebrating Christmas by decorating an indoor tree was established by Queen Victoria of England, while the author Charles Dickens popularized the idea of having a Christmas feast through his writing.

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Christmas Turkey - From 'Merry Christmas Mr Bean'

This is the famous Mr Bean turkey sketch. In this hilarious clip, Mr Bean tries to cook a christmas dinner for him and his girlfriend but gets the turkey stuck on his head. From 'Merry Christmas Mr Bean'.

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How To Pick the Perfect Stocking Stuffer in 5 Steps

Since I know your going to be filling up those stockings with these helpful tips, you’ll put Santa to shame.

Step 1: Research

How to Make Your Own Christmas Photo Ornament

I could not believe how easy it is to make a photo ornament. The Question is do you want to cut the photo? lol

Anyway take a look and see how easy it is to make your own photo ornament.

And yes, you do have room for one more ornament on your tree.

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