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How to Make Your Own Ornaments Out Of Bakers Clay

Nowadays people are finding ways to save money and one way would be to make your own ornaments out of clay. This can also be a way to something fun with the whole family. It would help to get your family in the holiday spirit if you and your family make the ornaments together.

To make your homemade ornaments from baker's clay you will need
4 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1.5 cups of warm water

Mix in a large bowl all of the ingredients. Mix them well to where it is smooth. Then roll out the clay, cut it into shapes with cookie cutters, or mold your own snowmen, angels, stars, canes and Santa's, and make a small hole through the top for a hanger, ribbon or a string.

Bake in the oven on 300-degree for 30 minutes or more. Take out the ornaments and let them cool. Then decorate them with poster paints, glitter, acrylics, ribbons or anything that you want to use to make them beautiful. Use your creativity to come up with ideas that will reflect your interests and personal style.

When Christmas is over, store your ornaments in an airtight cookie tin or a gift box, and use them again for the years to come. Don't forget you can also store and reuse wrapping paper and holiday decorations, too!

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Here are a couple of examples you can make of your own handmade clay ornaments.

Visit this site Christmas Ornaments & Ideas for more examples and how you can make all sorts of handmade ornaments. You will land on their clay ornaments page when you get there.

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