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Mini Christmas Scrapbook Album

Marlene shows you how to make a mini Christmas scrapbook album out of stuff that you can get from the dollar store and other stuff that you may have laying around your house.

I thought her mini scrapbook was cute.

The good thing about a scrapbook is that you can use anything that you want to make it unique.

Now the scrapbook that is in the picture is a little photo album with a Christmas picture on it with some ribbons. Simple, right?

A scrapbook can even be a child activity that you can do with your children.

Now the next video is a young lady who is very clever. She has a unique way of making a Christmas tree on the front of her scrapbook. It will take a minute to make your tree. But I think you will be proud of yourself once your done.

This is her first video on her scrapbook. Yes, I know I did the videos in reverse. Because I just love how she makes the Christmas tree for her scrapbook.

When I seen this video on TriShutterCard. I thought to myself this is lovely. This video shows you how to create this special fold card to show off your patterned paper. It is a great card fold for special occasions like for your Christmas scrapbook.


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