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‘Good Ol’ Days’

Yes, I’m at that stage in life where remembering and comparing the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ to today just seem always to be better, and this most definitely includes Christmas holidays and how we celebrated them way
back when. I also hear from my mom, (still surviving in her mid-sixties) that it was even more wonderful and heartfelt in their day. I do so miss the family closeness and traditions of earlier times; how being without much money jingling in your pocket made very little difference in the excitement of Christmas and the ways families celebrated it. Traditions were a great part of the celebrations then, and it makes me sad to see some of these glorious experiences fading away because of commercialism and political correctness.

But let’s reminisce a while starting with how some of these early traditions of Christmas were started, what immigrants brought to this country in the way of celebrating Christmas in their birth countries, and how the Christmas tree became the center of activity and decoration for the American family.


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